Today’s posting is the fourth recommendation of a five-part series outlining recommendations to the next Administration on the Department of Homeland Security’s transitioning. See the introductory post for an overview of the challenges involved in transitioning, as well as recommendations on selecting a Transition Manager, ensuring the next President is ready for Day One, and using the expertise of the Department’s career officials.

Look for the jewels that are hidden.  The TM has a finite amount of time to understand the department, prepare for Day 1, and discern who should be prominent players in the new team.  In the course of doing these things, the TM should be cognizant of a number of jewels hidden in throughout Department that deserve to be more prominent than they have been.  For example there are several pockets that understand and deal with risk in a remarkable fashion, there are pockets that have done significant work with future thinking, and the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties has been in the forefront of thoughtful policy with respect to America’s Muslim community.