Glenn Fine, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice, has published a fascinating in-depth memo listing the Top 10 challenges facing the next Attorney General. I’m certain the David Letterman’s list would be much funnier, but this is worth a read anyway.

The list, without the supporting explanations set out by Fine, are as follows. They are not listed in order of priority. Fine wrote, “As in past years, the challenges are not presented in order of priority – we believe that all are critical issues facing the Department.”

1. Counterterrorism
2. Sharing of Intelligence and Law Enforcement Information
3. Information Technology Systems Planning, Implementation, and Security
4. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
5. Restoring Confidence in the Department of Justice
6. Violent Crime
7. Cybercrime
8. Grant Management
9. Detention and Incarceration
10. Financial Management and Systems

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