House Republicans announced their Appropriations Committee subcommittee ranking member positions on Thursday. The list was notable because Ranking Member Jerry Lewis (R-CA) and other Republican leaders decided to give Homeland Security Subcommittee Ranking Member Hal Rogers (R-KY) a waiver so that he could remain in his post.

Normally, caucus rules would have forced Rogers to take another subcommittee because he had been either subcommittee chairman or ranking member for six years. It’s a wise move. Rep. Rogers has showed excellent leadership over the past six years, developing consensus for significant increases in border security, allowing reasonable riders to affect policy where merited, and fighting most earmarks.

Rogers has worked well with Subcommittee Chairman David Price (D-NC) since the Democrats took over Congress, one reason DHS has always gotten an appropriations bill completed even when other bills were replaced by a continuing resolution. Rogers also has an excellent staff that is able to work with the majority, the authorizing committee, and the department.

I am generally a fan of term limits to ensure that new ideas have a chance to be heard, but in this case, a waiver was justified. The continuity on the subcommittee, especially at a time when the department won’t have much continuity, is extremely valuable to DHS and to all Americans who depend on its success.