As America prepares for the miracle of a peaceful transition of executive power between parties today, it is worth remembering two numbers: 2976 is the final fatality toll from the 9/11 attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania; 2688 is the number of days since 9/11 where we have been fortunate not to suffer another terrorist incident on our shores.

The former number should rarely be far from our minds.  The latter number should be a reminder to thank those who have protected us well since 9/11, from the front-line border inspectors and cops on the beat, to the private sector partners who have built systems and equipment to enhance our security, to our first responders, to our foreign government allies who have cooperated to break up plots, and to our political leaders, including President Bush.

I am confident in the new leadership taking the reigns and responsibility today — they inherit a record of success that should not be forgotten.