Kudos go out to James M. Roberts and Ray Walser on their February 12, 2009 Web Memo published by the Heritage Foundation entitled, “Growing Instability in Mexico Threatens U.S. Economy and Border Security.”

The authors make it abundantly clear that President Calderon and his security forces cannot fail in their all out attack of the drug trafficking cartels. If they do fail, Mexico’s economy will undoubtedly spiral deeper toward a state of total collapse, and ours will suffer even greater stress.

The authors also make it clear that the “Merida Initiative,” as we know it, does not provide the level of funding necessary for Mexico to succeed in its battle against the cartels, and the meager funding for Central America tied to the initiative falls woefully short of what’s needed for those nations to succeed in their fight against both Mexican and Colombian cartel influence.

If we don’t pay more into Merida now, we’re certain to pay far more for our mistake later.