As of today, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is under the leadership of Acting Commissioner Jayson Ahern. Commissioner Ralph Basham retired after decades of public service on Friday and leaves CBP in the good hands of Ahern.

CBP has a well-deserved reputation, built on the two centuries of U.S. Customs, as a proud organization led by career officials who have developed solid game plans to balance their law enforcement and counter-terrorism responsibilities with the need to facilitate legitimate travel and shipping. CBP has been blessed with excellent leadership under Commissioners Robert Bonner and Basham since its creation in 2003. However, in many ways it really would be more appropriately led by a non-partisan law enforcement official as are the FBI, US Marshals, Coast Guard, and Secret Service.

That’s not likely due to the political sensitivity of immigration enforcement issues managed by CBP’s Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations, but hopefully when the Obama Administration nominates a new Commissioner, he or she will trust the career staff to continue an agenda has been working effectively.

In the meantime, CBP is in good hands with Acting Commissioner Ahern, who has a well-earned reputation as an effective manager who can navigate the choppy political waters inside DHS and the Congress. CBP’s budget, personnel, and areas of responsibility have grown substantially over the past several budget cycles, but Ahern and his team have been able to launch good risk-management programs like Global Entry for passengers and the high risk trade corridors for cargo.

While we are waiting for a new political boss to show up, CBP will perform just fine.

  • CBP needs much more of a commitment from this administration.

    While the folks at CBP are in fact seasoned and understand the responsibilities and ramifications of specific decison-making and enforcement, we as Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen do not share the same tone of confident enthusiasm as herein expressed for the tasks are daunting and the inherent problems demand an organized government with both sides of the aisle on the same page with little time for politicizing and self-agenda and nothing short of strict border control through arms and deadly force if necessary. Such cohesiveness is a prerequisite to safeguarding this nation as the economy worsens, America seems destined to slip into third world status as the dollar loses its value and unemployment exceeds anything expected.

    Strict border control conveying the same respect and requirement for every individual seeking to enter this country fleeing oppressive regimes, political leaders whose self-agenda darkens the Life and hope requires this mandate by the people.

    “No” we say to the likes of Pelosi and Frank for you do not know better. In fact, you are so impressed with the incestuous accolades of your sheep that you do not see that before sunrise on any given day, people stand for blocks at embassies and consulates seeking a visa to come to the United States of America. They must wait. In fact, often two years or more before even a hint of good news, if then….

    As a proud American citizen of Hellenic heritage, I respect the great contributions of Persians, Hellenes and others and while the present Iranian leadership is not worthy and should be ousted from office to reflect the very astute Iranian population which will be dealt with by Europeans seeking a prominence in the Middle East, all must acknowledge that no time in history has there existed a government by the people and for the people and those seeking to serve public service “entrusted” by vote as our Republic.

    Yes, the United States is a powerful nation, Yes, the United States has caused undue death to innocents and while not intentional or at least as a people we hope not, the ineptness of those “good ‘ol boys of the beltway” that I ofetn refer to not only have little idea of the price of a half gallon of milk, but both siew of the aisle turn their cheek to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen and fail to understand that vertical gun sales are very possibly to protect themselves from a government which imposes the values of the minority versus the interests of the majority.

    I believe it was Ralph Nader who pointed to 1980 as the turning point when in fact special interest groups and others dug their heels in and compromised the values of America. No doubt he is an enlightened individual as to the ways and means of Washington!

    Whether it be the border with Canada, the border of Mexico or the borders between any countries, rules must be enforced and all must adhere to regulations whether as tourist or commercial visit. There are simply no exceptions.

    Be vigilant. More monies must be spent on security and to support those border patrol agents who stand tall willing to give their Life if necessary to keep any and all within regulation.

    The clock is ticking and yesterday has passed. Yesterday when a diligent commitment should of already been established so that today’s problems – serious issues – serious threats – consequences which have negatively affected neighborhoods and Life here in America would not evolved.

    Central bankers have printed trillions of dollars worldwide at their whim often contrary to the choice of the taxpayer. Monies have gone astray with no real cause of concern. The fellows on Wall Street and the bankers here and there seem to prefer a moment of opulence with blinders to a bleak future of global improverishment….

    Respect one another, though not necssarily embrace one another. We have many similarities, yet differences. Clasp your neighbors hand and stand tall for the principles of the great nation and demand accountability at the local, state and national level.

    “The swiss cheese holes in border control are not for the offensive fingers of others to poke through….” Strict rules must be implemented without lengthy debate. The future is quite clear to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Citizen and it is with hope that Congress can get out of its way and truly represent the interests of the Republic!

    Christopher Tingus
    Harwich, MA USA