Cheney Accuses Obama of Weakening U.S. Security – The Note

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that President Obama is making critical national security choices that make the American people less safe. Cheney, who discussed various topics Sunday on the CNN program “State of the Union”, used his interview to defend the Bush administration’s war record, economic policies and even a few friends, Scooter Libby and Rush Limbaugh.

Asked to answer yes or no by modifying myriad Bush administration national security policies whether Obama has made Americans less safe, Cheney said, “Yes.”

The specific policies that Cheney was referring to include Obama’s decision to require that CIA interrogators abide by the Army Field Manuel, as well as Obama’s move to suspend trials of terrorists by military commission, and Obama’s decision to close so-called CIA black sites and the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.