Asa Hutchinson on CNN

Asa Hutchinson on CNN

Security Debrief contributor, and former head of the DEA, Asa Hutchinson debated pro-legalization activists today on CNN as to whether legalizing drugs would reduce violence on the southern border:

Commentary: Public is in no mood to legalize marijuana – Blogs

The advocates of legalization are trying to chip away on the fringes of the legalization debate but they know there is not a sufficient popular movement for legalization. Parents are in no mood to make another harmful drug more accessible and socially acceptable for the youth.

The current argument is that legalization is the right way to solve the cartel violence in Mexico. I disagree.

If you accept that argument then we should legalize cocaine to reduce the cartel violence in Colombia. That is not the right logic and the violence will continue. The only thing legalization will accomplish is to increase the use of harmful drugs in the United States. The cartels will just move to another illegal drug to make their cash and if there is not a current market for the drug, then they will work to create that market.

  • moldy

    Well I’m glad there is “no popular movement to legalize marijuana” as Asa stated! Is this guy retired or overdue for retirement? There is a huge movement for legalization, HELLO? Now with the violence in Mexico and our suffering economy this country can’t afford not to legalize pot. Even if those two things were not happening now it is long overdue. The lies and corruption have reached enormous proportions. Legalization will stop the cycle and hard drugs will be harder to market at that point. Our Govenment throws pot into the same catagory as meth and herion. Kids think that all drugs are okay because they know they are being lied to.

  • rob

    it is hard for kids to get beer at a store, but they can get weed from a bad man. for a little more money,he will get them the bear too! kids can get anything they want!

  • Think About It

    Hutchison has it right. Anyone who thinks individuals who have chosen to traffic drugs are all of the sudden going to go out and start paying taxes just because the drugs they were selling are declared “legal” has been smoking something! The cartel violence in Mexico isn’t about drugs: its about money. If cartels could make more money selling bottled water, they would do so. Legalizing drugs is not going to change the violent activities of the cartels.