We have frequently commented on this blog about the savvy and pro-active use of social media by the U.S. Coast Guard to communicate with the public. Admiral Allen deserves quite a bit of credit personally for leading his agency into the Government 2.0 realm. It takes a good communications team to execute such a strategy, but it also takes a forward-thinking leader to provide support to staff in such efforts. Admiral Allen, who has his own blog and Facebook pages, clearly provides personal leadership on this issue.

That’s why we are delighted to be among the sites he lists as part if his regular reading routine. It probably goes without saying that we regularly read his, and the the other Coast Guard blogs, as well.

Click on the link below to review his full list.

USCG: Commandant’s Corner – Journal

With social media really being about building networks, I thought I’d mark this milestone blog by sharing those sites that I read, both officially and unofficially. (This is not all inclusive, but a pretty good representation of some of the stuff I follow and/or find interesting).