DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is tentatively scheduled to testify before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on DHS immigration enforcement policies.  Heritage has its own set of questions that should be asked of Napolitano about the Administration’s views on immigration enforcement.  We will be adding new questions for Secretary Napolitano daily until the May 6, 2009 hearing—along with Heritage’s suggested response.

10.     Does the Obama Administration support the implementation of the Real ID Act?

Congress has passed two bills that set Real ID standards for driver’s licenses in all U.S. jurisdictions. The Real ID legislation does not create a federal identification card, but it does set minimum security standards for driver’s licenses. All states have either agreed to comply with these standards or have applied for an extension of the deadline. Secure identification cards will make fraudulent documents more difficult to obtain and will also simplify employers’ efforts to check documents when verifying employer eligibility. Real ID is a sensible protection against identify fraud.

Congress is set to introduce legislation next week that could largely repeal the Real ID.  The Administration should put pressure on Congress to ensure that this legislation does not effectively eliminate the Real ID standards.

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