DHS spending bill would fund SBInet, E-Verify — Federal Computer Week

Several high-tech systems for the Homeland Security Department would be funded under legislation approved by the House Appropriations Committee.

The committee approved several technology-related items in the fiscal 2010 spending bill for the Homeland Security Department, including $692 million for DHS’ Border Security, Fencing, Infrastructure and Technology account, according to a committee news release. A report attached to the bill specified that the money should go for technology at the southwest U.S. border.

  • Brittancus

    Obama Committee Votes to Give Stimulus Jobs to Illegal immigrants.
    The American people are wondering if the Obama administration is holding back E-Verify, as a pawn in an immigration game of chess. Is this one of their political ploys to force through another Amnesty like in 1986, then I guess–THE PEOPLE–will have no say in their future? But with hundreds of pro-sovereignty groups, it’s—NOT–going to be an easy task? E-Verify which has been compromised over and over again, to satisfy the US Chamber of commerce, some unions, mainly the Catholic church, ACLU and organizations that is anti-American such as La Raza. E-verify as it is upgraded would start the rollback of illegal immigration in the workplace, removing the cheap labor dilemma.
    Worried about their bountiful profits from cheap labor the business community, have used any means possible to demonize this tool. They have afforded many errors to its use, complaining that thousands of people have been ejected from jobs. Yet they have never informed the avid population, that errors can be resolved by stopping off at the local Social Security office. Only the illegal workers are not going to trespass in this government agency. You would think with the massive public outcry about using E-Verify, politicians would be weary of voters in the next re-election. But–NO–35 members voted not to identify all employees and new hires through the E-Verify.
    A relative of mine in a Los Angeles neighborhood, told me that the large franchise “El Pollo Loco” was displaying a sign that they had adopted E-verify to identify who they were hiring? However there are hundreds of thousands of predatory businesses and contractors out there employing illegal foreign nationals instead of US workers, to satisfy the profit margins of free traders.
    Three separate E-Verify amendments failed to pass through the House Appropriations Committee earlier today. Two amendments were introduced by Rep. Jack Kingston and another by Rep. Ken Calvert. E-Verify should be a permanent tool and everybody on the payroll must be identified as legal. With a dark cloud of second AMNESTY looming very soon, it can only be foiled by the American people. Only your frustrated voices erupting in Washington will freeze another Blanket Amnesty.
    The costs will be astronomical to the American taxpayer, but not to the corporate world. Say–YES–to e-verify! Say–NO–to any AMNESTY. Call your Senator or Congressman. Digest more of the facts and unbiased truth at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH, CAPSWEB, and ALIPAC. At AMERICANPATROL, learn about the massive upsurge on illegal alien criminal activity.