Tijuana's Drug War

Recently, I spoke with CBC’s “The National” regarding the escalating drug war along the U.S.-Mexico border. While it has not reached such a grave point yet, Mexico could realistically become a failed nacro-state if it does not get control of the violence in its country. The United States, for its own security, should help.

Check out the special report:

CBC News: The National, “Tijana’s Drug War’

When police cracked down on Tijuana’s Arellano Felix cartel, it unleashed a violent turf war between upstart drug gangs that neither the police nor the military can control.

Michael Braun brings years of experience in law enforcement and drug policy expertise. Recently, Braun retired as the Chief of Operations with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Prior to 2003, Braun headed the Office of Special Intelligence and later led the entire Intelligence Division. He was also appointed by the Deputy Attorney General to serve as the first interim director of the new Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Intelligence Fusion Center. Braun was also responsible for leading the formative development of this multi-agency, national drug intelligence center that supports the national drug strategy and our nation’s war on terrorism. Read More