Countering  Online Radicalization – The International Centre For The Study Of Radicalisation And Political Violence

Political extremists and terrorists are increasingly using the internet as an instrument for radicalisation and recruitment. What can be done to counter their activities? Countering Online Radicalisation examines the different technical options for making ‘radical’ internet content unavailable, concluding that they all are either crude, expensive or counter-productive. It sets out a new, innovative strategy which goes beyond ‘pulling the plug’, developing concrete proposals aimed at:

* Deterring the producers of extremist materials
* Empowering users to self-regulate their online communities
* Reducing the appeal of extremist messages through education
* Promoting positive messages

Countering Online Radicalisation results from the first systematic effort to bring together industry, experts and government on the issue of online radicalisation. Its insights and recommendations are certain to be of great interest to experts and policymakers around the world.

  • As co-author I’d like to say thanks for the link. Quick point: it’s ‘countering’ not ‘combating’…


  • Chris Battle

    Good point, Tim — we have corrected the title. Keep up the good research.

  • Great, Chris. Many thanks for amending.