It is great to see that the continued myth that the government is set in its ways does not apply to TSA.  Securing one of our old faithful resources, our rail system, is clearly high on the TSA to do list.  Further, it is great to see the government using state of the art equipment to secure one of our nation’s oldest forms of transportation.  In an effort to detect explosives while not slowing down some of our last minute commuters, TSA has installed passive screening equipment that uses millimeter wave technology to rapidly look for explosives in baggage and on people while they are in full stride.

The equipment was installed in the PATH mass transit rail lines between NY and NJ.  The rail lines support hundreds of thousands of commuters every day.  This pilot test will evaluate the effectiveness of the equipment to ensure the safety of the rail lines and passengers all without slowing anyone down.

Clearly, this is the best of all worlds in my opinion.  As I have said many times, our rail system is the over looked diamond that could answer so many of our nation’s problems.  Protecting it is a must and I applaud TSA for being willing to try all new things to ensure that mission.