By Jena Baker McNeil

On Thursday, July 9, 2009, the U.S. Senate approved an amendment, as part of the DHS appropriations bill, to stop the Department of Homeland Security from rolling back Social Security No-Match–which helps ensure that employers are not employing illegal immigrants. The Obama Administration had announced plans Wednesday to rescind No-Match, and place instead greater emphasis on the use of E-Verify in workplace immigration enforcement. Sen. Sessions also won an amendment that would make E-Verify permanent and mandatory. This amended bill still has to pass the overall Senate, but it is a good step forward in terms of maintaining immigration enforcement efforts.

The Obama Administration, for its part, has attempted to portray this move as getting in the way of ‘real progress’ on immigration.  In reality, rescinding No-Match is quite the opposite of real progress.  Social Security No-Match was put in place during the Bush Administration in order to assist in workplace enforcement.  No match letters are sent when an employer hires new workers whose personal information (e.g. name and Social Security number) does not match SSA records. Based on these letters, employers are supposed to take certain steps to either resolve the matter.  Heritage Foundation experts Cully Stimson and Andrew Grossman go over this process in detail in their Backgrounder, No-Match Immigration Enforcement: Time for Action.  No-Match (like many government regulations) has undergone litigation and was enjoined by the courts. But the Obama Administration has chosen to abandon it instead of ensuring its implementation.  The Administration claims that E-Verify is going to reign in workplace enforcement.  But this seems contrary to its opposition to the Sessions E-Verify amendment that would make E-Verify permanent. And while E-Verify is certainly a vital element in this process, it can’t be the end of the road for workplace enforcement– E-Verify currently isn’t mandatory, DHS will be doing a lot less enforcement absent No-Match, not more.

Enforcing immigration in the workplace is only one part of a real solution to immigration.  The Administration’s recent actions beg the question- what is the Obama Administration’s plan for immigration? There has been more than rumblings that it plans to pressure Congress to take up a comprehensive  or ‘amnesty’ bill this fall.  But there has been a lot of skepticism, mostly centered on the notion that the American public simply will not support such a move.  And for good reason, the economy is in the tank, and the thought of a costly amnesty does not sit well on the minds, or the wallets of most Americans.

  • Brittancus

    Now that E-verify has not been sacrificed for the business community, it should be implemented across these United States. Right now rogue states like California a self branded–SANCTUARY STATE–should be forced by federal mandate on every government employee to be vetted by E-Verify. This is including every industry, business no matter who is on their payroll. There is no doubt in my mind that both the Federal, state and municipal governments have thousands of illegal workers, who are hiding out in plain site? A huge purge across the board will open jobs for documented legal residents and citizens and start the extraction process of foreign national by self-deportation. NOT JUST THE NEWEST EMPLOYEES, BUT EVERY WORKER WHO DRAWS A PAYCHECK? Remember that California business and contractors have had the luxury of hiring cheap labor, without any restrictions for decades.

    However the tide is turning finally within Washington and hopefully the insistence of –THE PEOPLE– drumming in their ears. The politicians have probably been stupefied by the barrage of irate voters calling for a permanent E-Verify adjoined to the Save Act. Under close scrutiny the people have demanded a double layer fence as originally designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter and upgrading E-verification, to enhance the search for illegal labor. The majority of liberal news desks, foundations, open border and free traders who don’t want their supply of cheap labor severed, have given no indication that errors in immigration status can be resolved in the Social Security local office. California should certainly be a goal of ICE enforcement, specifically Los Angeles County and counterpart San Francisco, whose Mayors, Judges and elected officers have taken it upon themselves to shield illegal immigrants.

    They have allowed easy access to Medi-Cal and a whole host of benefits, that was to support the bone fide population. No wonder the Great state is sinking under a $24. billion red ink deficit? State government used their devious influence to table Proposition 187, before being filed with the higher courts. We must not let down our guard, because once upon a time when there was no communications through the Internet, our politicians could easily stamp on our rights. There was no instant alarm bell of what legislation was secretly being discussed in Washington. Now we know what our elected officials are conniving behind our backs. That’s why the American public has stayed ignorant and not so happy over the years. We only found out about laws afterwards, when it was too late to fight enactment.

    We are already aware of a BLANKET AMNESTY being authored by Sen. Chuck Schumer, which will place upon the American people even more hardship in higher taxes to support illegal immigrants who have settled here. That is not even that is the main catastrophe? Although we are told that stricter immigration enforcement will be orchestrated , it will not stop the tens of millions who will swarm into America in the months to come? It will be like a human locust storm crossing our borders, in the hope of another AMNESTY? It is what the Council of Foreign Relations want? Unchecked, unfettered cheap labor as in their North American Union agenda. GOOGLE–the (CFR) and find their intentions?

    The results of a BLANKET AMNESTY will not just be the irreparable costs attributed to feeding millions of more people, government benefits. But it will submerge us in un-reversible momentum towards OVERPOPULATION. From 305 million population–NOW–but an extra 135 million in 40 years. Read more at NUMBERSUSA, CAPSWEB AMERICANPATROL & FAIR for the facts. CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS NOW AT 202-224-3121.