Mickey McCarter of HS Today spoke with Security Debrief contributor Randy Bearsworth about his recent appointment to Secretary Napolitano’s 60-day task force regarding the current terror alert system.  Breadsworth, who most recently co-chaired the Presidential Study Directive-1 (PSD-1): Organizing for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, spoke with HS Today about the goals of the system and future of notifying both the public and government partners in the case of an emergency.

Heightened Color-Coded Alerts Guide Security Measures – HS Today

Member of task force to revise advisory system defends its utility but emphasizes that it must evolve

The color-coded threat alert system may regularly be the butt of jokes but it serves an important purpose that a new task force must refine, one of its members told in an exclusive interview.

Although sometimes appropriately ridiculed, the Homeland Security Advisory System serves a critical function to inform federal agencies, private business, and US citizens of a posture to take in response to threat intelligence, said Randy Beardsworth, former assistant secretary of Homeland Security for Strategic Plans.