Come join the homeland security review — Federal Computer Week

Starting today people can use a online tool to contribute to an extensive, ongoing review of the Homeland Security Department that will help determine DHS’ focus in the future.

DHS plans to hold three online dialogues in coming months so people other than those directly responsible for the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) can participate in that examination of homeland security-related goals, objectives and policies.

  • The current focus on compliance programs such as C-TPAT, while good in theory, has many shortfalls for overall “security” programs. Companies are utilizing the “check the box” approach with C-TPAT submissions..they are going through the motions of getting C-TPAT certified, are doing minimal work maintaining the program and are taking the approach of “we will take the risk of an audit from CBP ” not coming. This is based on the fact that MUCH more money is needed by US CBP to manage the program with teeth or to outsource a much higher percentage of the ongoing audits to the private sector, Outsourcing these audit programs will drive a much higher complaince and focus on the companies in the respective prorgams. Also, a better “customization” needs to take place depending on where the product is being imported from, the respective risk levels, etc. Again, outsourcing these tasks to groups who specialize in cargo crime management, supply chain security, etc will better secure the inbound ports and borders.