LETTER TO EDITOR: Letting locals have a say on security – Washington Times

Jim Kouri’s assertion that local law enforcement has been shut out of homeland security decisions is simply wrong (“Obama’s disdain for blue,” Opinion, Monday). In fact, law enforcement agencies have never had a more important say in homeland security policies. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has clearly and repeatedly recognized state and local law enforcement as the most important partners of the Department of Homeland Security.

Her commitment shows. Under her leadership, the department has created several additional methods for state and local law enforcement to have direct input into homeland security policy and strategy. The secretary recently signed a management directive to elevate the Office for State and Local Law Enforcement and mandate close internal coordination with respect to all law enforcement security partners. She has ramped up support for fusion centers, where federal, state and local agencies share information and intelligence, and has significantly expanded information and training available to state and local law enforcement. At her direction, the department has included border community jurisdictions in national border enforcement strategies to an unprecedented degree.