U.S., Mexico To Build Cross-Border Network – Information Week

An agreement signed this week sets the stage for a new public safety and law enforcement network that extends between the United States and Mexico.

The agreement, signed by the United States-Mexico High-Level Consultative Commission on Telecommunications, establishes a bilateral working group to oversee construction of the network, which will be used for public safety and law enforcement. The planned Cross Border Public Security Communications Network will let federal, state, local, and tribal safety and law enforcement agencies communicate using voice, data, and video.

The working group is chaired by the Department of Homeland Security and the government of Mexico. Participating agencies include the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the FCC, Department of State, and Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation and Secretariat of Public Security.

The network is expected to cost $7 million to build, with costs offset by the fact that much of the infrastructure is already in place. Once operational, it will be managed by Homeland Security and the Mexican Secretariat of Public Security.