Panel recommends improvements to E-Verify – Federal Computer Week

Improving and certifying the effectiveness of the E-Verify electronic employment verification system should be part of immigration reform efforts, according to a new report from a diverse panel of experts convened by the Brookings Institution and Duke University.

The need for E-Verify has been growing, but the employment verification system presents particular challenges with error rates, including “false negatives” and “false positives,” states the report made Oct 6 by the Brookings-Duke Immigration Policy Roundtable.

The Internet-based E-Verify system is operated jointly by the Homeland Security Department and the Social Security Administration. It allows employers to check an individual’s Social Security Number to determine whether the number is valid. However, the system is not designed to detect stolen or borrowed Social Security numbers, although DHS has added some photographs to the database to help stop  identity frauds.

On Sept. 8, E-Verify became mandatory for use by most federal contractors. It is also required for some employers under state law in 12 states.