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Registered Traveler, the system of private companies offering quicker trips through airport checkpoints that effectively collapsed this summer, is ready to make a comeback, according to corporate officials who testified before a congressional panel Wednesday.

That could include a comeback for Clear, the service offered by Verified Identity Pass, which was formerly the largest Registered Traveler vendor, operating lanes at 18 airports. Customers paid a fee of $199 to gain access to Clear’s faster security lanes, until suddenly, Clear folded, announcing in June that it was ceasing operations and would not be providing customer refunds on its Web site. Its closure set off a chain reaction, with one small vendor folding and the only remaining Registered Traveler provider, FLO Corp., suspending operations.

But now, the leadership of FLO and another company told the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection that they’re ready to take another stab at making Registered Traveler work.