I’ve written previously on the surge of drug violence in Mexico, especially along its border with the United States in cities like Juarez City. This week the latest atrocity occurred, this time on employees of the U.S. Government. Three people were gunned down in Juarez City, one of which was a pregnant woman and federal employee of the United States.

The Administration issued the standard boilerplate statement about being “saddened and outraged” over these murders. The president also vowed to “work tirelessly to bring their killers to justice.”

I wish these weren’t hollow clichés. Work tirelessly. Saddened and outraged. Bring to justice. We’ve heard it all before; it’s the standard response.

However, if this Administration were truly outraged and truly planned on working to bring justice to the border violence, it is doing so in an odd way: Practically the entire border security infrastructure of this Administration is leaderless.

More than a year into this Administration’s tenure, the President has failed to install permanent leadership at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Other than U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, there is absolutely no federal law enforcement leadership in place to deal with border violence, criminal and terrorist activity. What does that say about this Administration’s priorities that it can’t even bother to put people in place?

As for addressing drug violence in Juarez? As for “working tirelessly” to bring the killers to justice? Please. Let’s skip working tirelessly and start with something as simple as at least nominating somebody to run the DEA.

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  • Don't believe everything you hear from Christopher Battle. He's a paid liar. Paid to cover up the U.S. Government's medical Cannabis program, through a hack article printed in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (see the article “Texan Totes “Pot”). Paid by Asa Hutchinson to go from Asa's errand boy to public relations hawk for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Christopher Battle knows that taking control of the illegal drug market will require more than appointing another “permanent” executive to the DEA. Our national drug prohibition policies are largely reponsible for the widespread murders in Mexico. But Christopher Battle will never admit that. Because he will never have to look, I mean really look, into the eyes of a grieving Mexican mother or widow. I wonder how much Christopher Battle is getting paid by the cartel kingpins he helps empower and enrich.


    Here is the article. Christopher Battle knew the U.S. Government was growing and distributing medical marijuana to several sick and dying people (all the while claiming it had no medical value), yet he chose to run this “news” article that obfuscated and obscured, designed to make George McMahon look crazy, when in reality he was a recipient of the National Certificate of Heroism, and a recipient of legal federal marijuana, courtesy of Christopher Battle's tax dollars. Chickens are coming home to roost, Christopher. Say hello to Asa for me. And tell Asa to say hello to his friends at New Horizon Press. A Bitter Pill, indeed.