Last week I pointed out both that the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) does not contribute to illegal immigration and that DHS has a functioning biographic air exit system.

This week Secretary Napolitano announced the elimination of the paper I-94W form (the green arrival/departure form long used by VWP travelers.)  In doing so, she rightly commented that “The Visa Waiver Program facilitates secure and hassle-free travel for citizens of participating countries—making international travel safer and easier.”  She could have just as easily pointed out that eliminating the paper form will improve the Department’s ability to match entry/exit records and calculate overstay rates.

  • Mark,
    I agree. But if entry records are better off being wholly in the court of US VISIT– which is what is being implied here unless I missed something– than shouldn't EXIT also be in the court of US VISIT too? Just seems economical, streamlined, smart to feed APIS through US VISIT to the EXIT. What am I missing?