Thad Allen Leaves Gulf, Heads for RAND

Having recently completed the president’s request to oversee the response and clean up for BP’s oil spill, former U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen has joined the RAND Corporation as a senior fellow.

U.S. intelligence: Europe terror plot did not target Americans

U.S. intelligence: Europe terror plot did not target Americans – Homeland Security Newswire
The U.S. government says there is no indication the United States or its citizens are a target in the latest al Qaeda plot that triggered a blanket travel alert for Americans in Europe. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that the State Department alert “deals with Europe and isn’t related to the United States.”

Videoconferencing for Visa Interviews is Smarter Security

Since 9/11, the U.S. government has struggled with the twin goals of reviewing visa applicants for security risks while maintaining the attractiveness of the United States as a premiere destination for business and leisure travel. As the President’s outgoing National Economic Adviser Larry Summers recently commented, improving the climate for travel to the United States may represent the most effective way to grow U.S. exports and create export-related jobs. The reasons for the relative decline in the U.S. travel market are complex, but clearly new security dictates are part of the explanation. We need to recognize the economic impact of this security, and we need to be more creative in securing the international travel system that is so valuable to our economy and foreign policy.

Panel Stresses Communication as Cure for 'Islamophobia'

Panel Stresses Communication as Cure for ‘Islamophobia’ – CQ Homeland Security
The solution to combating the complex problem of Islamophobia lies as much with Muslim-American communities and popular media as government officials and think tanks, a group of experts said Monday. The progressive Center for American Progress hosted a discussion on the topic as part of an effort to separate real from perceived threats, moderator Faiz Shakir said.