There has been an active and passionate public debate over the use of Advanced Imaging Machines (AIT) and TSA pat-down techniques at airport security checkpoints. Some think the whole body scanners and pat-downs are just what’s needed for aviation security (see recent comments from Sen. Jo Lieberman [I-Conn.] at a Senate homeland security hearing); others think the pat-downs and imaging machines infringe on personal privacy and may not be safe (the machines, that is).

But which side holds the majority? Are the machines and pat-downs keeping us safe or do they tread on personal liberty? Take this anonymous Security Debrief survey, and let us know where you stand.

Security Debrief will publish the results, along with ongoing expert commentary, in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned to find out what your fellow readers really think.

[Editor’s note: This survey is now closed. Check out the results!]

  • Msjaynes

    It's amazing to me that TSA reacts to a threat that originated OUTSIDE the USA borders by infringing on the privacy of Americans INSIDE the USA. We're not in Yemen, Pakistan or Uganda, but TSA treats us like we're the terrorists. ?????