Hotel association teams with DHS to improve security awareness – Public Matters

Whenever I travel, I always take note of the different security measures in place at hotels. Call me paranoid, but I am constantly checking to make sure there are video cameras in hallways and good locks on my doors. Having just experienced my first home invasion (don’t anyone surprise me these days, I might ending up pepper spraying you), traveling alone in unknown areas seems particularly nerve wracking.

While most hotels seem to have decent security measures in place, I was glad to find out that the American Hotel & Lodging Association announced on Nov. 15 that it has teamed up with the Department of Homeland Security to encourage and educate lodging employees to recognize, report, and react to suspicious and crisis situations that occur on its property.

  • Doris L Matte

     Kobe Bryant, Russel Crowe, Charlie Sheen, the IMF VIP – some of the people accused of attacking hotel/motel staff or causing trouble.  Hotel/motel staff also has to deal with drunk, high on drugs, mentally ill, etc., guests.  Hotel/motel rooms have also been crime scenes.  The Craigslist Killer is an example.  I have an idea for the personal safety of hotel/motel employees.  The idea is similar to the health/safety monitors that senior citizens wear.  Employees would wear safety beepers with a GPS system that is tied to hotel/motel security and the police.  The employee in danger of attack, who is being attacked, who finds a crime scene, medical emergency, or other problem would press the button on the beeper for immediate response from security and police.  I believe this idea could save hotel/motel employees from becoming crime victims and help them get the fastest response in other situations.