The uproar or apparent uproar of scores or maybe even several hundred travelers, several of whom may have actually visited a TSA checkpoint recently, has refocused media attention on full body scanners. Those worried that TSA really wants to see or feel their junk should take pause. The narcissistic paranoia gripping the country, fueled by cable news, has distracted us from the reasons for the more thorough screening.

Finding new, creative ways to deliver opinions helps to cut through the noise and get noticed. Animated bears – or dogs, I can’t tell – seems to be the latest fad. All the kids are doing it. Now for something completely different here is an attempted defense of TSA in animated form. Enjoy.

Jeff Sural serves as counsel in the Legislative & Public Policy Group at Alston & Bird, LLP. He will focus his practice on homeland security and transportation matters on Capitol Hill and in federal government agencies. Read More
  • Chris Battle

    That was hilarious, Jeff — nice work!

  • TSO Patrick

    Thanks Jeff. Made me chuckle. Now if only I could go on like to every opt out every day at work, I'd be a happy man.

  • Bea

    The “nutjob” who crammed his diaper full of PETN enjoyed a federal escort onto the plane — he was there courtesy of a “high-ranking American official” according to several eyewitnesses. Talk about creating a “need” for perverted groping and ogling.

    Regardless of what 9 buffoons in funny costumes say about “administrative searches,” they are unconstitutional. The administrative regime appeared during the Progressive era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a deliberate circumvention of the Constitution — Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, et al made no bones about their disdain for the founding document and its shackling of govt’s power. They helped establish administrative agencies to grab the power the Constitution denied politicians, and they very clearly enunciated this as their purpose. The Fourth Amendment does not allow mass, generalized searches, period. Not even if the Feds sponsor a “nutjob” w/ PETN in his crotch to scare everyone silly.

    DC’s “War on Terror” is farcical, and everyone who “works” for the police-state, as well as journalists who apologize for them, ought to be ashamed of themselves. YOU are the true terrorists.