Not to pile with more comments on the shooting in Arizona, but I hope Americans are awake and trying to obtain information from REAL news sources. At what point in our history did we rewrite the role of the press? For most of my life (and that has been a good while), their role was to report the facts of the news and confirm them before they are broadcast to the world. Clearly some have gone to sleep at the switch and believe that writing an editorial or “opinion piece” is now the news.

This is garbage – a number of well-known news sources are now blaming the gun companies, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the Republican party and everyone but the shooter.

Please America, do not stand for this. It is insulting.

Stop buying the papers, and cancel the biased news stations, or please make them rename what they are: Opinion Papers and Editorial Stations. These are the same companies that slam “gossip rags,” but they actually worse. When people buy those papers, they do so knowing that they are slanted and biased. The others say they are “news media,” which is clearly false advertising.

Blame the killer, no one made him do it. We are getting more reporting by people pointing blame at innocent people instead of reporting on the two heroes who stopped the shooter. I know one of the people killed, and it is disgraceful that opinion has replaced the truth. Let’s honor those who are dead and stop the opinion lies.

Sadly, those who are dead have been over shadowed by people that want their names in the paper, opinion makers, and people with a side issue or cause. Clearly, we will see all kinds of new gun control bills, more security, more nuts wanting to push a political agenda that has nothing to do with the dead and injured who were exercising their constitutional rights of free speech and to assemble.

There is one person to blame, and thanks to two American heroes, the nut is behind bars.

  • Gene V

    All of your years in law enforcement bring credibility and force to your post, Wendell. Nicely done.

  • The shooting in Arizona has shocked everybody and it is true that many news programs and news articles have become only opionion providers. It's our responsibility as citizens to make sure we are well informed and gather as many unbiased information as possible

  • Atlhockeymom

    Thank you for a refreshing and ever so true article!