On January 14, the Breakfast of Leaders forum will hold the first in a series of “Leaders at the Helm” roundtables. Titled, “Knowing What it Takes to Create a Prepared and Resilient Organization: A Leader’s Responsibility,” Friday’s roundtable will feature a panel of private sector security leaders discussing a holistic approach to preparedness and resiliency.

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Dave McWhorter of Catalyst Partners, LLC, a Washington, D.C., government relations and public affairs firm. Joining him at the table are:

  • Melissa Hathaway: President of Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC and former White House Cyber Security Director;
  • Bob Connors: Director of Raytheon’s IT Preparedness and Enterprise Preparedness Program;
  • Bill Edwards: Security consultant and former Verizon Chief Scientist; and
  • Mike Runde, CEO of The World Trade Center at Dulles Airport.

The roundtable discussion, held at the 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, Va., begins at 7:30 AM and will run about two hours. Those interested can register online or contact Teresa Moraska.

Breakfast of Leaders is a monthly forum for business, government, and non-profit leaders to address current and crucial themes, facilitated by expert practitioners.

  • jami

    Bill Edwards is a Fraud doesnt anyone verify anything with the Universitys, Bill was never a Navy Seals

    • TaM

      Jami, I am curious as to how you know he was not a Seal. I used to work with him and would like to know more.