What is going on in this country? I see that TSA and Secretary Napolitano are being sued for doing their jobs. One-time wrestler and former-Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has filed a law suit for screening him at airports as a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.

I guess the bombing in Moscow went un-noticed by some people, but we do not live in the same world we did when I was a child. Things are constantly changing; sadly there are those who may not want change or sadder are those who use progress against us. Planes were designed to move people and goods nearly immediately anywhere in the world; people have now used them as weapons.

It is vital that our law enforcement people are given all the support they need to protect Americans and actually our way of life. This country was founded on the principle of freedoms by the people and for the people. To ensure that those freedoms are preserved for all Americans throughout eternity, many men and women (military and law enforcement) have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect each and every freedom.

TSA and all of the men and women of DHS perform their jobs everyday to protect against the ever-changing threats and type of ways that dastardly people will use to harm us and disrupt our way of life and freedoms. Who are we kidding, and why are we wasting more tax payer money with these crazy lawsuits when people are risking their lives to protect us. I can say that there is not one solitary TSA screener, or any cop in DHS, who wakes up every morning thinking “who can I piss off today?” No, in fact, they wake up each morning knowing that they themselves could be in harms-way and have to catch the next shoe- or underwear-bomber who intends to kill someone.

Maybe if we just did away with clothing altogether (there would be no place to hide explosives and, the screeners would not have to perform any added checks). Even if the new scanners were able to give that level of clarity, it is better than seeing everyone at the airport in their birthday suits.

Funny, for a person who made a living running around without a shirt on TV and in movies, why would he be so concerned about someone screening him? I too do not look like I used to, but if it keeps America safe, then screen away. In my case, I would feel sorry for the screener who had to look at me.

  • Tja

    Yeah, well, the Moscow bombing was a landside attack and that's a hard one to counter. As far as this ex-wrestler is concerned it's all American Politics. The next thing you know, Sarah Palin will be taking out an injunction against TSA for being told she can't take a loaded rifle in her Cabin Baggage.

    • Anonymous


      What part of the following verbiage do you not understand?
      “The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
      houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and
      seizures, shall not be violated; and no Warrants shall issue but
      upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and
      particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons
      or things to be seized.”

      Since you are willing to give up this Constitutional protection, then you are willing to accept the tyranny that comes by not having this protection.

  • Charles Harpole

    The security officers at TSA are doing what they can with what they have. I worked for the TSA for 4 wonderful years. I learned a lot and met some awesome people. I have been saying for years though that the screening process has to evolve with the times and the threats. Also, the bombing in Moscow did happen on the land side as the other commenter stated and is next to impossible to stop. I have said for a long time that the best way to shut down American Aviation is not to take down an aircraft, just blow up 4 or 5 checkpoints in 4 or 5 airports at the exact same time. Talk about not having an answer to that question and shutting down the US. Geesh!

  • K_niederkorn

    I feel sorry for you. What part of 4th amendment do YOU not understand? 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame the TSA for doing their jobs. I do blame the policy writers for implementing a policy that is unconstitutional and putting the poor TSA agents in the position of having to choose between losing their jobs, or molesting someone. Does it make us safer? What a joke. 1 bomb in a security checkpoint line does the same damage as a bomb on a plane. What do we do when they use a 3 year old girl with an internal bomb? Will you be ok with the type of searches necessary to prevent that? The forth ammendment was created because the British were implementing similar policies in the name of keeping the peace. People may not be searched without probable cause. Period. Someone could load a bomb in their car and blow it up in a busy intersection. Should everyone be subjected to cavity checks before they can get on the public roads? People can always choose not to drive.

  • Those that would sacrifice Liberty for Security will deserve neither and lose both.

    As true today as it was 200 years ago.

  • Monytyw

    When a TSA screener “pats” down a 3 year old child with impunity, everyone else in this country would be arrested for molesting a minor! This job is an ideal for a pedophile. We have LOST FOREVER our right to privacy and 4th Amendment rights to unlawful search and seizure have been swept aside by a court. The Department of Homeland  Security can do anything with legal IMPUNITY under the guise of national security. Police state is alive and is called America. Governor Jesse Ventura ran as an independent candidate and was not a typical politician. He didn’t take PAC money nor corporate donation. He raised money from the real people.