As my fellow blogger Rich Cooper posted the other day, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) “lowered its outlook for America’s long-term credit rating to ‘negative’ from ‘stable.'” I am shocked that statement is not the headline of EVERY major news paper and lead story on every major network.

There are great men and women of DHS, DOJ and DOD that put their lives on the line everyday protecting us and our way of life from domestic and foreign aggressors that would do us harm or attempt to disrupt the way of life we have become accustom to and hold dear.

Our dollar has been the world standard since long before I was born (yes, that was a long time ago), and our way of life depends on that dollar holding strong as the standard for long into our children’s future. This downgrading of the dollar could hurt our homeland far more than another major terrorist attack. Our protectors from DHS, DOJ and DOD are not trained to protect us from that type of attack. This type of attack could devastate our homeland far worse than any tsunami. Our dollar could lose its place as the world’s common financial document.

The press has no problem beating up on the police departments when crimes happen. On slow news days, the press certainly still takes shots at DHS over things that were out of their control during Katrina. Well, our protectors do not control our economy, and they certainly do not control out of control debt, but where are the headlines that our credit rating is about to fail or blame those that can fix it?

I guess seeing who wins the singing and dancing events on TV is more important. Maybe each and every American needs to put on a uniform of protecting our homeland on the next Election Day. Clearly, fixing our credit rating and saving our way of life should have been more important than a big visit to China by those who could fix our credit rating would have been a better thing to do. Where are the big headlines? It may be up to us to fix things by voting in leaders that make better decisions to protect those who put them in office. We need to save our economy and our homeland with or without the headlines. Our forefathers did it, and now the ball is in our court.