Our country is facing some hard times right now, much worse than any time in my lifetime. Worse even than back in the 70s when we had to buy gasoline on odd or even days depending upon the numbers on your license plates. The price was still considerably under $2, and the $4 of today was not even heard of by anyone, including the makers of the gas pumps.

Despite our problems of today, there still have been millions of great Americans who dedicated their lives to making this country great. As we approach Memorial Day, I would ask that each of us take a moment and thank those who have blazed a path before us and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect this great Nation. I have been to Arlington and the Quantico National Cemeteries this week. Certainly the thousands of great people buried there is sad, but knowing that many people served this country is certainly motivational to those of us still here and able to serve in some way.

So again, please take a moment from dealing with our own issues and reflect and thank those who have built a way of life that all others envy. Also take a moment to thank or pray for those still protecting us in law enforcement here at home and our military protecting us overseas. God Bless America.