Book Review: You Say More Than You Think By Janine Driver | Law Enforcement & Security Consulting

Understanding body language, non-verbal communication, is not done in an effort to read other people’s minds. Instead reading micro expressions and gestures is about getting an understanding of the situation, or establishing situation awareness based on the ongoing and evolving circumstances, peoples words and actions. This equals what Janine Driver defines in her great book “You Say More Than You Think” as “Hotspots” areas that alert us to anxiety, stress or potential deception.

The book is written for anyone interested in producing better results as they interact day to day with people. I will add it’s made for law enforcement and security professionals looking to assess threats, stay safe, or gain an admission or confession. Understanding the new body language will also help you resolve conflict and violence by allowing you to observe situations as they evolve and gain the initiative through real time actionable intelligence through understanding the meaning of verbal and  non-verbal communications. Your interpersonal communications skills will be nurtured to a level of excellence that allows you to gain the advantage on the street by reading emotions that manifest themselves early in a confrontation in micro expressions and gestures, a very powerful ability to possess.

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