Why Crisis Communication Needs to Include Social Media, Now | A Desk is a Dangerous Place


Chris Battle, a former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Public Affairs Director, basically scores the event Crowdsourcing 100, Government 0.

In his post “After Earthquake, DC Government Needs Lesson in Social Media” he says if they don’t adapt, they will “no longer fill the role of crisis communicators, a critical aspect of emergency management.”

Chris and Erik are both sounding the alarm. Who in the public sector will answer the call?

Former Risk Communication Director Erik Deckers discusses why government agencies need to use social media before the next crisis hits.

Through social media, agencies can be an immediate voice of authority to news agencies and directly to the public. But to be effective, they have to build and engage their audiences before the emergency happens.

It’s no longer a surprise that more and more people get their information from social media and digital sources. It’s time agencies integrate these channels in their daily processes so they are effective when  crisis communication is needed.