The Homeland Security Policy Institute’s Preparedness, Response and Resilience Task Force just released its comments on the Draft National Preparedness Goal, which is called for in Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD-8). A National Preparedness Goal already exists as a result of Homeland Security Presidential Policy Directive 8, which was replaced by PPD-8 last April. It’s always fair game to create new versions of old documents, provided that the new versions bring us a step closer to a desired end-state. But the Task Force argues that the Draft National Preparedness Goal in its current form isn’t much of an improvement over past versions. In order to truly advance national preparedness doctrine beyond that which already exists in previous iterations of preparedness policy, the Task Force argues that a new National Preparedness Goal must include a more robust recognition of the importance of risk management, systems-based approaches to national preparedness, and explicit outcome-based (as opposed to output-based) measurements of preparedness.

Read the task force commentary on the NPG.