Border Info-Sharing Plan Triggers Privacy Concerns – CTV 11/29/2011

Under a new joint Canada-U.S. border security plan both countries will be able to track the movement of cross-border travellers to crack down on citizenship fraud, illegal immigrants and war criminals living in North America.

But the new 32-point border plan, which will be signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama next week, is also raising privacy concerns over the amount of information that will be shared.

CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said the new arrangement will mean a greatly increased level of information will be exchanged daily between the two countries.

“What is going to be new is that every time someone comes into Canada or leaves they will be marked coming in or going out so we’ll know exactly where they are,” Fife told CTV’s Canada AM.

“It will be the same when you enter the United States. If you go to the United States and show your passport to the Americans it will show that you’ve entered, they will send that information back to Canada and the same when you’ve exited.”