A federal judge has issued a final judgment in a plaintiff’s case on behalf of 9/11 victim families ruling that Iran and Hezbollah together materially supported al Qaeda in committing 9/11. The case took eight years to develop and involves 12 affidavits of experts including high-level Iranian defectors (deemed credible by former CIA MidEast officers), three former 9/11 Commission staffers (myself included), two investigative journalists (one American and one Israeli), as well as court approved Iranian and counterterrorism experts. The Iranian defectors affidavits remain under seal, but I was given exclusive access to a detailed summary of one affidavit, that of a former intelligence officer known as Mesbahi (responsible for espionage on behalf of Iran for all of Western Europe and a founder of the Ayatollah’s MOIS intelligence service). All in all, the case, Havlish v. Iran, provides overwhelming evidence in hundreds of pages of information, showing step by step Iran’s direct involvement in 9/11, including holding operational meetings inside Iran with al Qaeda and Hezbollah leadership to develop the 9/11 plan– a plan that Mesbahi was familiar with as an Iranian plan to hit the United States with asymmetric warfare dating back to the mid-1980s– as well as facilitating the travel of the 9/11 hijackers in and out of Iran for training after they acquired their U.S. visas, which virtually guaranteed the hijackers access to the United States.

Last Friday, the Washington Times published my piece What Now? Court: Iran, Hezbollah partly responsible for 9/11 detailing information emanating from the Havlish case. My piece focuses on the sealed affidavit of Mesbahi, and a May 2001 internal Iranian high-level intelligence document that clearly reflects Iran’s direct involvement in 9/11 as well as Iran’s desire to remain non-culpable. The piece also explains how al Qaeda came to be Iran’s proxy for their plan “Satan in Hell.” The term “Satan”, of course, is a well known tag line the Ayatollah often uses in referring to the United States.

Janice Kephart writes on border and identity security and programs, especially as they pertain to terrorist travel, as well as leadership and organizational issues at DHS. Kephart is founder of the Secure Identity and Biometrics Association (SIBA). Read More
  • Edj

    This should be published far and wide to let know one doubt Iran’s role in the 9/11 attack.   

    I believe Rick Santorum’s campaign people would value these details if they don’t have them already.  He has spoken out about the threats posed by Iran’s radical element and would likely speak up about more as the campaign goes on.  

    • How can you not have doubts?  This is also telling us that Iraq was in no way envolved, so why were we there?  Are we REALLY right THIS time?  Is it worth risking more lives? If so… will Congress and the rest send their children first?!?

  • Looks like we owe Saddam an apology…This says Iraq was completely innocent. There were no WMD’s and now this…Why did my brother die in Iraq?  Why did my cousin lose his eye in Iraq?  We made a mistake?  How do we know we are not making a mistak about Iran?  Damn, that Ron Paul guy is right about all this BS…

    • The court filings are available and worth reading, not least Ms. Kephart’s — best you do so, before making comments that dishonor the sacrifices of your brother and cousin.

      Iran works with just about every known terror group, many of which they created. Iran doesn’t care overly much about sect, either. In the 1980s, they were happy to supply the IRA. Saddam used to do the same d**n thing. And BOTH used AQ when it served their interests, as did other states.

      Iran has killed many hundreds of Americans, apart from 911. If you want just a single example: NSA intercepted the order that killed 241 U.S. Marines in 1983, in their sleep, while on a peace mission.

      Where do you think AQ leadership spent the majority of the last decade?

      I assume you’re not ignorant of the role that Iran has played in the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.