No matter who wins the presidential election today, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will likely move on from her post. There is a short list of candidates who could fill position. Here is a piece I wrote for Defense Media Network about who could take Napolitano’s place next year.

The Next DHS Secretary – Defense Media Network

Whether or not President Barack Obama gets another term or Gov. Mitt Romney pulls out a victory, it can be anticipated that after four years, current DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will move on. While she’s made no public mention of sticking around for another four years at DHS other than the customary senior political appointee shtick of “I serve at the pleasure of the president…,” I don’t think it to be unreasonable to question her sanity at wanting another four years of the most thankless job in Washington. Her nearly four-year tenure as DHS secretary has had more than its share of memorable moments. From her first days in dealing with H1N1; thwarted terror attacks; the BP oil spill; various weather emergencies, and border issues, I don’t think any one would blame her, should Obama be re-elected, if she told him: “Thank you, sir, but I’ve had enough,” and headed to the beer aisle for a six pack of Corona and a bag of limes.

So who is in the wings to take her spot? Listed below are some of the names of people that I think would be on a short list of a second term Obama White House or a new Romney White House.

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  • Boogoo

    Secretary Napolitano has not made any noise about moving on. This article is misleading.