A very good friend and co-worker at the DHS Private Sector Office, Karinda Washington, posted the following on Linkedin last week. I was moved by her morale, enthusiasm and dedication to her job! She is a role-model for all. She has allowed me to pass it on, and I’m glad to do so because it says a lot!

“In two weeks I’ll bid farewell to our current DHS Headquarters location. We’re off to a bigger campus to begin the consolidation of our huge National Capital Region footprint. So today, in true Karinda fashion, I revisited our media room and thanks to one of DHS’ official photographers, I took my new headshot photo to commemorate what will soon be eight years of service. When I landed at DHS in May 2011, I had no clue what awaited me. My first position was in the Office of Policy Private Sector Office. Thanks to some pretty amazing bosses, I was afforded the freedom (as my other duties as assigned) to implement the DHS Loaned Executive Program within my first few months on the job. A very special shout out to all of the loaned executives to date–you guys and ladies rock!! This smile is my salute to some of the best years of my life, and it also represents excitement for what awaits.”
Karinda Washington_DHS

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