Counterfeit and IPR

Detroit Bombing Attempt Renews Calls For FPS Reform

Detroit Bombing Attempt Renews Calls For FPS Reform – HSToday
The case of a bomb left sitting in a federal building in Detroit, Mich., has renewed concerns about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency charged with protecting federal facilities.

China overwhelming U.S. with counterfeit goods

China overwhelming U.S. with counterfeit goods – Homeland Security Newswire
U.S. companies are losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year in sales from products that are counterfeited overseas and shipped to America; since most fake products are never seized by authorities, the federal government cannot get an accurate measurement of the economic loss; according to CBP, these fake goods “threaten America’s economic vitality and national security, and the American people’s health and safety.”

Customs Chief Defends Seizure Of Domain Names

Customs Chief Defends Seizure Of Domain Names – Tech Daily Dose
The head of the Homeland Security Department’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Tuesday defended his agency’s aggressive efforts to combat online piracy and counterfeiting by seizing Internet domain names.

Customs Officials Set Sights on Counterfeit Drug Websites

Customs Officials Set Sights on Counterfeit Drug Websites: CQ Homeland Security Obama administration officials and leaders from the private sector declared Tuesday that eliminating counterfeit pharmaceuticals has become a top priority for federal customs agents and prosecutors, and they expect it to remain high on their agenda next year.

FDA Warns About Counterfeit H1N1 Internet Drugs

Homeland Security Today – preparedness and security news – FDA Warns About Fraudulent H1N1 Internet Drugs The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to consumers late last week to use extreme care when purchasing any products over the Internet that claim to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure the H1N1 influenza virus. The […]

Detecting counterfeit pharmaceuticals

Researchers at Leicester University have used research in crime and space technology to develop a system for the detection of counterfeit pharmaceutical packaging. Professor George Fraser and Professor Martin Gill are heading the Spectral ID project based on work carried out by Leicester University spinout Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International (PRCI) and the university’s Space Research Center.

Mexico Continues Border War

In what has been a lightly reported story this past week – but one for which it is impossible to overstate the importance of – President Felipe Calderon terminated 1000 customs officials (700 in some reports) from their positions as inspectors at ports of entry throughout the country. This is another indication of the dedicated and serious manner in which President Calderon has continued to wage war with the drug cartels that exploit the border for their own illegitimate purposes.

Senate Committee Quashes Obama's Immigration Rollbacks

By Jena Baker McNeil
Sen. Sessions’ amendment to make E-Verify permanent and mandatory is a good step forward in terms of maintaining immigration enforcement efforts.

‘Pen and Pad’ Session with the Secretary

This afternoon I had the opportunity to participate in a ‘Pen and Pad’ Session with Sec. Napolitano. I joined the session via teleconference, and, like her in-person appearances before the Hill, the media and speaking venues, the Secretary came through loud and clear on her key points and messaging.

Registered Traveler – An Idea Before Its Time?

TSA initially supported Registered Traveler during the Tom Ridge era at DHS, as a method to target security resources on less-known travelers and to enable low-risk frequent travelers a consistent and fast security review. However, TSA washed its hands of RT in 2008, arguing it could never ensure that an unknown “clean skin” terrorist could exploit any security protocol change, leaving Registered Traveler as only a fast-lane program.