Terror Finance

FinTech Presents Challenges for Counterterrorism Financing

New app platforms based in financial technology (FinTech) might be the next vulnerability for Counter-Terrorism Financing.

A Bitcoin For Your Thoughts

Bitcoin is a new digital currency. The Cyber age has vastly changed our day-to-day relationship with money, and Bitcoin is here to stay in some shape and form. But is it real money? The bottom line is simple: as people accept Bitcoin as a means of exchange for goods and services, then it’s a currency.

Terrorists Embrace Internet Fraud to Fund Operations

By Rob Strayer
It is an unfortunate modern reality that cyber attacks are commonly used to steal money from businesses and individuals. Cyber attacks that disrupt or destroy physical assets, on the other hand, have been rare up to this time. The news over the weekend that a terrorist organization was able to finance its activities by hacking AT&T business customers’ telecommunications accounts represents a new and disturbing development in the use of cyber attacks by terrorists.

The drugs and terror nexus

Drugs and Terror Mix in Case – The informant at the center of an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador marks the latest example of how the U.S. government’s war on drugs has expanded into the war on terrorism.  Asa Hutchinson, former DEA head, said there was “a significant amount of […]

Lawmakers call for designation Mexican drug cartels as terrorist

Lawmakers call for designation Mexican drug cartels as terrorist – Homeland Security Newswire
Leading U.S. lawmakers called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to support labeling Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups and craft a strategy to help Mexico defeat them.

Justice Department Sends the Wrong Message in Holy Land Foundation Case

The decision of the Justice Department not to prosecute the Council on American Islamic Relations and other unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case is discouraging and very troubling. 246 individuals and organizations were designated as unindicted co-conspirators in the Hamas terror finance case, the United States v. Holy Land Foundation. The failure to further prosecute this case clearly sends the wrong message.

The Value of Aspen

As we continue to swelter in the ongoing summer heat wave, it is easy for me to reminisce about my recent visit to Aspen, Colo. Tucked amongst the Rockies with its clean air, fervent green and majestic views, a town known primarily for its skiing with the rich and famous was home to what was, simply put, the best conference program I have ever attended. The first annual Aspen Security Forum put forward a program that I can only describe as pleasant, informational waterboarding. By the time each of the presenters and panelists were done, my hand was dead from writing so much and my head hurt from being given the firehouse treatment of a candor and content overload. Here’s a rundown of some of the sessions.

A Victory in the War on Terrorism

The Supreme Court decision this week defining and clarifying “material support” as it relates to aid to designated terrorist organizations is a huge victory in this continuing war. In a 6 to 3 decision, the Court rejected a First Amendment challenge from humanitarian aid groups claiming the support is intended to move the terrorist groups toward peaceful and legal activities. The Court ruled that such support was illegal even if its intention was to support “non-violent” elements within such terrorist organizations.

Erroll Southers: Who's Learning Faster, Al Qaeda or Us?

Who’s Learning Faster, Al Qaeda or Us? – Homeland Security Today There are a growing number of Americans who, despite enjoying the benefits of freedom and rule of law, choose to become terrorists, bent on killing their countrymen, destroying property, and if necessary, dying in the process. They pose a unique danger because impressionable and […]

Terrorists Use the Internet But Not How You Might Think

I have to admit that in the past I have been guilty of a sin of omission that has plagued many commentators in the cyber arena. I have spoken and written many times about the terrorist threats I see as strong and dangerous possibilities. I have always mentioned the present terrorist use of the internet as an aside, and so much a lesser issue as to be unworthy of too much worry. I will stand up and admit that I have been WRONG. Yes, the terrorists have not used the cyber world for an attack as we might envision, but the threat presented by what they do now is real and chilling.