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Growing Threat from Homegrown Violent Extremism in US

The United States faces a range of terrorist threats. Foreign terrorist organizations pose a grave threat to U.S. security, but even as we are looking outside American borders, we must not forget the persistent threat from homegrown violent extremism. Security Debrief contributor Dr. Erroll Southers recently gave a TedX Talk on this ongoing threat from domestic terrorism.

AFDI’s Mohammed Cartoons are a Threat to U.S. Security

On Sunday, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) hosted a “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest,” and two gunmen opened fire on the event. Violence is never OK, and this kind of inflammatory activity actually perpetuates the threat from violent extremism. AFDI is not blameless in their rhetoric.

Countering the ISIS Narrative with Returning Foreign Fighters

By Dr. Doron Pely
Foreign fighters leaving their home countries to join ISIS are foremost on the minds of those in charge of homeland security. How to deal with these departing and returning jihadists has been a source of intensive debate. Now, with growing numbers of ISIS deserters, there is an opportunity to “inoculate” Muslim communities against ISIS propaganda and indoctrination.

Media Ebola Hype Misses Important Information

You can’t turn on CNN, in particular, without wall-to-wall Ebola coverage. Avert your eyes from the All Ebola All The Time coverage and focus on something that is a real threat to you—and go get a flu shot.

Security Debrief to the Rescue – Advice for DHS in the Years Ahead

As a new DHS Secretary takes the helm, Security Debrief contributors came together for the First Chris Battle Homeland Security Colloquium. In the spirit of the late Chris Battle’s vision for debate and discussion on pressing homeland security matters, contributors weighed a series of important questions about DHS’ future.

Napolitano Writes about DHS "Study in the States" Initiative

The Blog @ Homeland Security: Helping the Best and Brightest Study in the States By Janet Napolitano (The Blog @ Homeland Security) Today I visited the University of Wisconsin – Madison to announce an important new initiative to help streamline the international student visa process and encourage foreign students to study and lawfully remain in […]

British Govt Considers Shutting Down Social Networks During Unrest

RealClearWorld – Reuters – World – Aug 11, 2011 – UK may disrupt social networks during unrest Britain is considering disrupting online social networking such as Blackberry Messenger and Twitter during civil unrest, Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday, a move widely condemned as repressive when used by other countries.

Upcoming House Hearing: Recruitment and Radicalization within the Muslim American Community and the Threat to the Homeland

“FEMA will not save you,” said Michael Brown, former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Building Bridges, Instead of Walls!

At an airport security checkpoint last week, a TSA officer guided a 95-year-old cancer patient to a private room to investigate “something suspicious on her leg.” It turned out to be a wet adult diaper, which she was asked to remove. TSA offered no apology and stood by protocol. This was another missed opportunity. Sometimes, even when we do the “right” thing, we should apologize. Instead, we now have a “viral” episode that places another brick on the wall between the public and the security agencies charged with protecting them.

Implications Of Bin Laden's Death Examined In Congressional Analysis

Implications Of Bin Laden’s Death Examined In Congressional Analysis – HSToday
A new Congressional Research Service Report (CRS) that examined the broad implications of the death of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) said “the degree to which OBL’s death will affect Al Qaeda and how the US responds to this event may shape the future of many US national security activities.”