Petitions for Rulemaking in a Deregulatory Environment

Under the new administration, the private sector should turn to petitions for rulemaking to help guide how regulations are structured and implemented.

Comparing Wait Times For FOIA Requests

How does Customs and Border Protection stack up against other federal agencies when fulfilling FOIA requests?

TSA’s New Model for Stakeholder Engagement, Collaboration

There’s a revolution percolating through TSA in the form of a new collaborative model the agency is piloting for stakeholder engagement.

TSA Rolls Out A New Website…and It Needs Work

Last week, TSA rolled out its new website. If the GAO were writing a review of the site, it would no doubt conclude that “progress has been made but much work remains to be done.” In fact, there is so much more work that needs to be done that I’m surprised TSA released it when it did.

On This Date in 1968

A humble gift of rhyme to commemorate the birthday of the late, great Christopher Lee Battle.

Chris Battle – One Year Later

It was one year ago today that we got the news that Chris Battle had lost his fight against kidney cancer. He knew Security Debrief was a part of his legacy, and he wanted it to grow beyond its beginnings and be around long after his battle with cancer had ended.

Chemical security – Keeping It Straightforward

Last week, the House passed a bill reauthorizing the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program. While the bill keeps the program going for 3 years at a time, the legislation institutes a program largely unchanged from its current form…which is a good thing.

DHS Sec. Johnson Fires All Public Affairs? Rand Paul Bans Kites? CBP has a Used Car Salesman? Really?!

In Security Debrief’s fifth annual April Fools coverage, we’ve collected some stories the rest of the media somehow missed.

Congress Heal Thyself – a Ray of Hope from the Senate

At Wednesday’s Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee confirmation hearing for Stevan Bunnell as DHS General Counsel and Suzanne Spaulding as Under Secretary of NPPD, both Chairman Tom Carper and Ranking Member Tom Coburn decried the number of leadership vacancies at DHS. Senator Carper and Coburn’s comments are a positive development, even if the political headwinds are very strong.

The House has an Opportunity to Shift the Mood on Immigration Reform

By Lora Ries and Chris Wiesinger
At pivotal points in the nation’s history, immigration reflected an openness to the world and the possibilities of the American future. Current immigration reform initiatives also reflect a vision of the future, but that vision is static and lacks optimism because it aims to fix the mistakes of the past instead of building a foundation for the future. The House of Representatives has key opportunities to shape immigration into something that reflects an optimistic vision of America’s future.