Cyber Security & Waiting for Godot

Cyber attacks of computer systems and telecommunication networks are highly developed and increasingly used as a way to gain an advantage in the commercial sector, as well as a viable tool for terrorists seeking to cause economic destruction and ways to fund their operations. As business trade secrets and customer information become more vulnerable, it is clear that the public can wait no longer for cyber security standards.

Cyber Security Commission – Skipping the Tough Part

It was with a great deal of disappointment that I read the comments of James Lewis, CSIS’ Director of Technology and Public Policy Programs, about the decision of the Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency not to offer any recommendation on Congressional oversight for cyber security.

Cyber in the White House – Haven’t we tried this path once before?

As National Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to a close, the debate on who should be America’s lead on cyber security continues unabated. On Monday of this week, the US Air Force suspended its efforts to establish a Cyber Command until its new leadership takes over and determines what course they should take. While the USAF begins to figure out how much of the cyber skies they will end up patrolling, the battle over the civilian side of the America’s cyber house goes on at full throttle.

Chertoff & Team Get the Starting Job

Secretary Chertoff was methodical in explaining the very real cyber security threats posed by nation-states (Russia & China), criminal enterprises and terrorists. Chertoff also stressed the collective responsibility of the public and private sectors (as well as individual citizens) to work together to address these threats.