Barack Obama’s Muslim Problem

No, I’m not talking about the absurd emails that are circulating suggesting that Obama is a Muslim. (So what if he were?) Instead, I’m talking about Obama’s own negative politicking on something too sensitive to be treated as standard campaign demagoguery.

Top Mid East Scholar to Speak at Washington Conference

Hailed as “the world’s foremost Islamic scholar” (Wall Street Journal) and as “the doyen of Middle Eastern studies” (New York Times), Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis’s will speak on the current cultural and political environment in the Middle East at this week’s annual conference of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa’s (ASMEA).

What Middle East?

The new reality of the Middle East presents new challenges to US foreign policy makers as they shape future US engagements and/or disengagements in part or parts of that region. On the other hand, this new reality gives the United States a larger degree of maneuverability unthinkable of few years ago. As intelligence is key to national security strategy-making, so is cultural intelligence essential to the development of foreign policy strategies.