UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest as Next DHS Secretary?

The list narrows with admittedly long-shot olive-branch choice Joe Lieberman maintaining his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and Eric Holder allegedly slotted for Attorney General, bumping Janet Napolitano off the DOJ short list and moving her up on the DHS nominee list. However, a new name has suddenly surfaced in celebrity host Ryan Seacrest.

Who Will Be the Next DHS Secretary?

Since it is a worthless and juvenile parlor game in Washington to speculate about whom the President will appoint as the next Secretary of Whatever, Supreme Court Justice, Vacant Senate Seat Filler, and, now, National Minister of Lending … we at the Security Debrief want to assure our readers that we are not beneath stooping to such pointless guessing ourselves. And so, without further ado … our bets on the next Secretary of Homeland Security …