NYPD Acquittals No Justification for Failed Use of Force Policies

While NYPD officers were acquitted of a battery of charges related to the death of Sean Bell, it is clear that the department needs to review and re-evaluate its training and use-of-force operations. Fifty rounds fired at a target that does not pose an immediate threat, is retreating and is more than a handful of feet away is not an appropriate or professional use of force for officers equipped with pistols. Hopefully, this regrettable situation will lead to a serious review within NYPD.

The Lessons of an Unnecessary Death; Will NYPD Learn?

I understand that the NYPD may be reluctant to expose its flaws, but if the officers’ actions resulted from a failure in the system rather than a failure in themselves, it should be identified and publicly rectified, if only to restore faith in the Department’s ability to police itself.