What the Olympics Have Taught My Family

Like a lot of families around the world, my family has spent the past week enjoying the Olympic Games. From the breathtaking pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies to the ‘Gold-palooza’ of Michael Phelps performances, all of us have found ourselves in awe of what we have watched. I’ll be honest – at the outset of the Olympics my wife and I found ourselves wrestling with how we were going to handle these Games. Neither of us thought we would restrict our kids from watching the athletes compete but we did wrestle with what we would tell them about the Games’ host country.

Let the Games Begin!

It boggles my mind that China can beat down monks like rented mules, rack up enough air pollution to choke an elephant, restrict the “free” press without batting an eye, and attack our nation’s networks through repeated cyber attacks without suffering any consequences. How is it that they get a free ride where other countries wouldn’t?