Sharla Rausch

Dr. Sharla P. Rausch retired from the Federal Government after 27 years of service, last serving as the Deputy Director for the Office of National Laboratories, where she was responsible for an extensive network of Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology laboratories focused on countering chemical, biological, radioactive nuclear, and explosives terrorism. She also served as the first Director of the Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences Division of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, which applied social, behavioral, and physical sciences to improving identification and analysis of threats, enhancing societal resilience, and integrating human capabilities into the development of technology. She was appointed to the Senior Executive Service for career Federal employees in October 2006 and in 2010 received the prestigious Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award for sustained accomplishments. Prior to joining DHS in 2003, Dr. Rausch held federal research, management, and leadership positions with the Department of Justice.

Democracy Is Not Dead

America’s security and national identity depends on the right to vote.

Keep a Cool Head, Remember Your Sweater, and Be Kind

Every night on television, we witness recaps of members of Congress being angry at members of the other party because they simply can’t see it their way. But how we think, speak and act now will become normal behavior, and eventually, our national destiny.

Lest We Forget – 74 Years After Pearl Harbor

Yesterday was the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It’s not a milestone anniversary, but it’s an important day to remember, not because those who fought in WWII are quickly leaving us but because it reminds us of who we are down to our national DNA.

Gary Carter and the Lessons He Taught Us

Gary Carter, DHS Executive Director of Program Accountability and Risk Management, died a week ago. What does this have to do with national security? Everything.

Security All Boils Down to People

The results from the last few years of the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Federal Employee Viewpoint Surveys (FEVS) has reflected decreasing morale in the federal government. I agree with DHS Secretary Johnson’s plea to stop talking about low morale. It’s time to act in resolving the core issues stemming from senior political leaders and their closed inner circles.

Moon Landing – An Anniversary to Honor and Inspire

The space program that put a man on the moon in a few short years also propelled us decades forward in technology development. Space science and technology has resulted in more than 1,500 innovations, showing what can happen when imaginations, fueled by science, are allowed to soar.