About Security Debrief

Security Debrief is a blog dedicated to homeland security, terrorism and counter-terrorism, intelligence and law enforcement that provides context to the debates, policies and politics that are playing out in Washington, D.C.

Security Debrief is comprised of a broad and diverse range of contributors, all of whom bring years of experience in the security environment. Contributor backgrounds range from executive-level government leaders to special agents to the heads of federal law enforcement agencies to respected national security scholars; from individuals with experience in international diplomacy to congressional committees to the evolving business community growing around the industry.

Security Debrief is produced by Catalyst Partners.

Our contributors speak only for themselves, and their views do not represent the views of Catalyst Partners or any other organization. They represent no particular ideology or agenda; they often won’t even agree with one another. You can be sure of one thing, though: They all bring credible experience, knowledge and insights to their analysis.

Security Debrief is edited by Justin Hienz, owner of Cogent Writing, LLC, which 
works with homeland security companies and leaders throughout the United States. The blog was founded by Chris Battle, a visionary communications strategist and partner at Adfero Group who passed in 2013 after a long, inspiring fight against kidney cancer.